There are many advantages to leasing your next vehicle. Among these, we should mention the following:

  • Change cars more often: With monthly payments spread over a shorter period of time, you can drive a new vehicle more often. As manufacturers innovate and technology continues to evolve, it's tempting to change vehicles more frequently. 
  • Low monthly payments: Lease payments are usually lower than payments on the purchase of the same vehicle. If you're looking for a monthly payment that will fit your budget, leasing is an advantageous option since you pay only a fraction of the purchase price of your next Mazda car, SUV or truck
  • Pay only the taxes on the monthly payment (rather than paying taxes on the full purchase price when you finance). This is a great way to save on your monthly payments. 
  • Mazda Financial Services (MFS) does not charge any trade-in fees and will offer you the best options at the end of your lease. 
  • Flexible terms up to 60 months on selected models. The solutions offered by MFS are flexible and can be adapted to your needs.
  • Have more cash to invest or spend. Leasing a car allows you to have more money in your pocket for other personal projects.

At the end of your lease, you have four options:

  • Lease or finance a new Mazda vehicle and take advantage of our owner renewal discount. This loyalty option gives you access to significant discounts on your next Mazda vehicle in the showroom. 
  • Finance a certified pre-owned Mazda vehicle and take advantage of our owner renewal discount. If you're tempted by a pre-owned Mazda vehicle, then you can take advantage of your lease termination and purchase a model that will meet your needs even better at the time. 
  • Last but not least, you have the option to purchase the vehicle for the predetermined price listed on your lease agreement, plus applicable taxes and fees. 
  • Return your current vehicle.
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Finally, in order to lease or finance a new or certified pre-owned Mazda vehicle, it is important to first return the vehicle you are currently driving to have it inspected.

During the last 45 days of your lease, an advisor will contact you to schedule an appointment to inspect your vehicle. This inspection will be carried out by an independent company at no cost to you. You will then receive a detailed report on the condition of your vehicle, along with a charge for excessive wear and tear, if applicable. You will then have the opportunity to have your vehicle repaired before the end of the lease term. If you have your vehicle repaired at your Mazda dealership, no further inspection will be required. However, if you have your vehicle repaired elsewhere, a second inspection will be required, at your expense. Please refer to our wear and tear Guide to determine if your Mazda vehicle is excessively damaged.

If you purchased Mazda damage protection Insurance at the time you signed your lease agreement, we invite you to review the terms and conditions of your Mazda insurance. In order to take full advantage of the benefits of this insurance policy, we strongly suggest that you contact your dealer to perform a preliminary visual inspection of your vehicle to evaluate if there are any items covered by the insurance that can be corrected before the final inspection of the vehicle.

We also understand that your Mazda has given you so many pleasures and adventures that you want to keep it. If you decide to keep your vehicle, you may purchase or refinance it for the predetermined amount stated in your lease agreement, plus any balance owing under the lease, applicable fees and taxes, safety inspection costs, environmental protection fees and ownership transfer fees. To purchase your Mazda, simply visit your Mazda dealership and proceed with payment with them.

Mazda makes every effort to provide you with the most advantageous options when you purchase your vehicle, but also when your lease ends. Mazda's responsibility extends worldwide and every Mazda dealership in Canada is accountable to its customers.

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